Monday, February 6, 2012

A Year is....

A Year is 3 1/2 cans (38.5 oz.) of hairspray.
A Year is 89,725 laughs.
A Year is 54,750 Text Messages.
A Year is 204,840 Steps at School.
A Year is 5.2 x 10^2 Hours of Grey's Anatomy.
A Year is 45,120,000 seconds spent with Ms. Roitz learning Algebra!
A Year is 162,000 Algebra Problems.

Another fun project that I used from Mary Beth Runyon and Lynn Smith from King Phillip Middle School. I started off 2012 by having students select an everyday activity and extrapolating it out for the entire year using a unique measure. I hung the student posters throughout the school. It was fun seeing students from all the grades stopping at individual posters and checking them out...(I think they got a big kick out of my 10 yards of wrinkle cream that I use annually!) Just another fun way to use math to learn a little bit more about your students. I found out a lot about time my students spent doing chores, gaming, homework, and more!


  1. Hi Christy! I'm going to steal this! How fun, thank you!!

  2. I might steal this and use it with a proportion lesson in 6th grade! I might pass it along to the 7th grade teachers to use with scientific notation. How fun! :)

  3. Told you I'd steal your idea (and thanks of course to Mary Beth Runyon and Lynn Smith). Thanks again! My kids did "A SCHOOL Year Is..."

  4. Oh, I like this idea! I think I'll be stealing this!